Chris Ogden (b. 1961) is an American artist whose work explores concepts of cyclical change and metamorphoses, particularly in the evolving relationships between elemental and human forces in the tangles between geologic and human concepts of time.

He favors capturing moments as matter and energy transition between states, offering glimpses of the elegant interdependence “inside” materials and creations. He uses the photographic medium, primarily utilizing natural light, to capture found environments as proffers of essence, metaphor, and archetype. These are often existent in rock, sand, water, ice, fire, wind, and the hand of man.

Ogden’s work is frequently shown at museums, galleries, and other arts venues in traditional shows and multimedia installations. His work is enthusiastically owned by private and corporate collections alike. 

Born in Mexico City, growing up in Buffalo, excepting a three-year stint in Bermuda, he lives in his adopted home of Durham, North Carolina where he graduated from Duke University. He works globally, particularly in the Ant/arctic and deserts around the world.


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