Profile of Chris Ogden

Photographic Artist. Educator. Safari Leader. Specializing in fine art, landscape, and commercial still and motion photography. 

Chris Ogden makes creatively seen, carefully composed, and superbly printed photographs which spark feelings and thoughts with the viewers...

He is an award winning full-time photographic omnivore who explores the globe, with camera(s) in hand, seeking out deeply authentic connections and capturing special moments, in special light. A lifelong outdoorsman, he maximizes the likelihood of being present, with unique perspectives, when favorable light is likely to highlight both rare moments and ordinary situations alike. He hikes, four wheel drives, kayaks, scuba dives, stands atop car roofs, dangles below cranes, and takes to the skies in pursuit of advantageous points-of-view to express his visions.  

Following the adage about luck arising when “opportunity meets preparedness,” he readies his artist’s tools by dancing along the edges of storms, using custom programmed weather/astronomical modeling and alerting tools, traveling to polar extremes where the “golden minutes” are extended to hours, and via just old fashioned willpower of crawling out of a sleeping bag way before the dawn or hiking back to camp well after sunset with only a headlamp or the moon to guide him. He shoots mainly outdoors, with natural light.

Subject-wise, he is a photographic omnivore. He’s often been told that he sees the world “differently” than others, that his eyes/brain are wired differently. Perhaps that’s why he often captures Mystery, usually beauty, in things/moments that many people walk right on past. These predispositions, combined with his innate curiosity, are what draw him to photographic expression. He is attracted to inherent and interacting energies, to capture the essence of what makes a subject or moment unique.

A key motivation, and consistent theme across disparate subject matter, is helping his audiences see the extraordinary, in what many others might have dismissed as ordinary. Chris attempts to find and include elements and compositions that may challenge and connect the viewer to “the larger” – sometimes obviously, sometimes not. There is layered communications in the form of elements and energies that the viewer may not immediately perceive consciously, but appear compositionally, in small details, or as contextual parts of the supporting location and history.

Chris usually prints as large format photographs (typically 16x24”, 2x3’ or 4x6’, on up to entire wall murals and banners exceeding 10’ x 25’) in order to provide the viewer with an immersive experience and to enable seeing the many subtleties of detail, light, color, and emotion. The constraints of small Internet images rarely optimally showcase the impact of his larger works.

He builds earns his living via many “hats.” He sells fine art prints to individuals and corporations. He teaches photographic craft and art, directly or through sponsors such as Popular Photography Magazine. Camera clubs and galleries find it rewarding to engage him as a judge, portfolio reviewer, or critique provider. Individuals looking to jumpstart their photographic skills (technical, craft, and art) or photography business hire Chris as a mentor or as a private on-location guide. Outside the classroom, Chris leads photographic safaris domestically and abroad (eg, his most recent major safaris have included leading clients… Cuba: Oriente Explorations, Hidden Iceland, Escalante Wilderness via Jeep/Boat/Plane). His skill-sets cross over many disciplines; his enthusiasm is infectious, and his energy high.


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